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ECSUS Design exclusively bring next-generation timber frame chalet construction with Kingspan SIPs (Structurally Insulated Panels) to France. Our prefabricated system allows total flexibility of design and easy, fast construction - even with difficult terrain and extremes of climate. Save money on construction and on future household bills, and live sustainably in a highly energy efficient home that surpasses all government standards.

Your new home comes with full insurance and warranty for total peace of mind.

Kingspan TEK panels consist of a high performance rigid urethane insulation core integrally sandwiched between layers of Oriented Strand Board (OSB). Either 142mm or 172 mm thick, they're precision engineered & prefabricated in the factory, shipped to site and joined together using a unique jointing system. The resulting structure is six times stronger than a timber frame construction.

Kingspan is recognised by many of the leading building warrantee providers such as Building Life Plans, NHBC, Homebond and Zurich Municipal. It also holds a British Board of Agrement (BBA) and Agrement Technique Europeen (ATE) certification.


Prefabricated, lightweight panels (weighing a maximum of 25kg/msq) combining structural frame, which is six times stronger than traditional timber frame, and insulation allow much quicker chalet construction - even on difficult mountain sites. Our record-breaking 5-day chalet build hit the headlines and was described as a 'revolution for building in the Alps'. Watch this time-lapse video and read more in these articles in French Property News and Connexion France newspaper. We build with Kingspan SIPs to combine kit house speed of construction with flexible design, energy efficiency and more benefits.


Faster construction times mean reduced on-site labour costs. The panels are prefabricated, the 'kit' transported straight to site and easy to assemble, so there are none of the costly delays associated with traditional chalet build methods. Follow-on trades work quickly and easily with the panels, minimising their bills.  Plan your project's timescale and budget with confidence and the faster completion, the quicker your return on investment.


Kingspan buildings easily achieve the French government's latest thermal regulations RT2012. The highly energy efficient panels give U-values of 0.20-0.16, or R-values of 5.0-6.25 -  further improved with additional insulation and plaster board. The airtight construction creates as few as 0.08 air changes per hour. Using a heat exchanger (or VMC), heat pump and other eco-friendly systems we can create a passive home - even in extreme climates like the Alps. Once airtight the house holds heat so efficiently that even before a heating system is installed our teams happily undertake internal fit-out in winter snow.

Almost no waste is produced on-site as the panels arrive pre-cut, and environmental impact from transport is limited as all the components come from one factory. The Oriented Strand Board is made from sustainably managed woodland and the urethane insulation core has zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP).


The in-built insulation in Kingspan panels, plus use of other eco-friendly systems like ground or air source heat pump and heat exchangers, can help reduce your household bills to virtually zero - even in extreme climates. ECSUS (which stands for ECological & SUStainable) Design are experts in systems that benefit both the environment and your wallet.


The lightweight panels are easily manoeuvred by hand on site. Walls are erected by our skilled team who lift each panel into place. Roof panels are placed by manatou or crane. On extremely difficult sites we have even used a helicopter, as you can see in this video.

The panels will not be affected by building in bad weather, and in extreme weather or a break in construction they can be wrapped in a special membrane.


Kingspan engineers precision cut the panels in the factory, prefabricated to your design specifications. The properties of the panels mean the design possibilities are almost limitless. This video shows how we built a large, unique chalet with a very unusual roof configuration. We're even working on a ultra-modern chalet with a curving grass-topped roof. Whatever your idea, we can help bring it to life. 


The OSB surface of Kingspan SIPs makes it easy and flexible for follow-on trades to fix to. Wires and pipes are easily fixed in place, voids filled with extra insulation and plasterboard added. Cladding is very simply attached outside. This makes fit-out a smooth, fast and cost-effective process.


Kingspan SIPs

Kingspan is a world leading provider of innovative, sustainable products for the construction industry since 1960. Its iconic projects include the London Olympic village and stadium, Wimbledon Centre Court, Stonehenge visitors' centre. Read more about the Kingspan story here.

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Kingspan is 'green' Manufacturer of the Year 2016
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