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Luxury Eco Chalet Constructed Under-Budget By ECSUS Design

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

ECSUS Design’s project management has been praised after a €1m+ luxury eco chalet build came in under budget.

The 380m2 property in Combloux sets a new standard for luxury construction cost as well as eco credentials, after receiving the highest AA energy ratings.

Built to the highest spec and passive house standards, the total construction cost €2531*HT sqm – compared to the average build cost in the area of €3-3500sqm.

Chalet Jonquille boasts stunning views of Mont Blanc and across the Valley de l’Arve, which can be enjoyed from its expansive terrace, balconies or hot tub. Its luxury spec includes a hammam, sauna, and bespoke furniture and kitchen.

The client, a financial director of a successful UK based commercial property developer, praised ECSUS Design for bringing in the build under the budget he had set.

He said: “Architects Alpine Eco and project managers ECSUS Design, as Maitre d’Ouevre, worked well together for us and I’m glad to say the project came in under my original budget. ECSUS Design ensured the project ran smoothly, found quick solutions to issues and brought in great value quotes from top quality contractors.”

Steve Downs, ECSUS Design director, said the project’s success was due to several factors: “We had the ideal client in that he made quick decisions and stuck to them, so we were able to plan the work optimally and find the best solutions to problems, keeping costs down. The key on any project is to plan the timetable so that the trades work well together and keep up momentum.”

Chalet Jonquille is one of the most eco-friendly in the Alps, with energy and emissions ratings both A, and total heating and hot water bills estimated at €800 TTC per year.

ECSUS Design exclusively construct using prefabricated Kingspan SIPs (Structurally Insulated Panels) which are exceptionally energy efficient. Their homes are designed to incorporate other eco systems such as air sourced heat pump, heat exchanger, underfloor heating and triple glazing.

Chalet Jonquille was the first to add in a Canadian tube - this uses the ground’s natural temperature to cool the fresh incoming air in summer and warm it in winter.

Read more tips on building a chalet to a budget here.

For more images and info on Chalet Jonquille click here.

*Construction costs include everything except pre-construction reports, fees, landscaping, hot tub, hammam, bespoke kitchen.

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