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Offices in: UK, French Alps & SW France 




ECSUS Design Ltd requires You (The client) to make the initial deposit payment on account [as per the deposit invoice amount] and it is understood that you agree to the following trading terms and conditions [without exception] and acceptance of the quotation, drawings and schedule of work, which will detail product specifications and services and what is agreed by all parties that ECSUS Design will be responsible for (Scope of works) and duration of works. This will form your contract with ECSUS Design Ltd.

Payment terms:

ECSUS Design and CLIX CS (Kingspan delivery partners) will issue request for payment in the following way: (See quotation)

Kingspan TEK kit, design and structural costs:

30% on placement of order. Non-refundable

70% after final drawings approval and prior to production.

Installation and project management costs:

50% prior to installation.

25% midpoint of installation.

25% on completion.

Transportation costs prior to delivery.


Late payment of final account invoice:

In the event that the final account invoice is not paid within 7 days of receipt by the client, ECSUS Design reserve the right to charge interest at 8% on any outstanding amount (‘the outstanding sum’) due to ECSUS Design. We may also seek to recover from the client, and the client will be liable to reimburse ECSUS Design any costs that it has incurred (including legal costs and court fees) to recover the outstanding sum.


Scope of Works: The intended works to be carried out as agreed by all parties at the time of quotation and specification being submitted to you.

Pre-Contracts work (Preliminaries): The client will engage with the local authorities in order to begin preliminaries works and seek relevant permissions to commence the works. ECSUS Design may be called upon to carry out this work only upon agreed advanced payment being made by you.

Variation orders: Any variation works required outside of the agreed scope of works will need to be signed off by you as agreement to the additional works and any additional associated costs. For the sake of the works program we may accept a covering e-mail in the first instance to avoid delays to the works, with a variation order to follow within 24 hours requiring your signature.

Snagging: The process of defect identification and resolution of the works carried out to achieve completion of the works

Handover: The project is handed back to you with all snagging works completed and with the scope of works completed as agreed to allow you to occupy the space.

Final account invoice: The remaining monies due under the contract value for the works that become due, less the deposit paid and including all variation order values and any additional costs agreed with you during the works.

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